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SiC composite ceramics from Adept offer unsurpassable performance in armor systems built to counter heavy threats.

Adept manufactures and provides advanced SiC-based ceramics to partners in industry and academia.  

The premier grade, SiC-TiB2, is a pressureless sintered silicon carbide/titanium diboride composite with a dominant alpha-silicon carbide phase, ultra-low porosity, high hardness, and no free silicon. 

SiC-TiB2 enables ultra-high performance articles of armor, as evidenced by the Adept Colossus armor plate.


Density:  3.2 gm/cc

Hardness:  2600 HV1

Flexural strength: 385 MPa

Sonic velocity (transverse): 12715 m/s

Size range:  Up to roughly 400x400mm, up to 50mm thick.

Phases:  SiC (4H, 6H, 15R), TiB2, TiC, C